6 of Louisiana’s Best Brunch Spots

Photo courtesy of SoBou


On Sundays in the French Quarter, SoBou hosts one of New Orleans’ most unique brunches. For two hours during Sunday brunch, the latest addition to The Commander’s Family of Restaurants puts on a burlesque brunch called “Legs and Eggs.” A local burlesque performer, Bella Blue, dances around the dining room while a four-piece jazz band plays lively music.

“Of course, Commander’s Palace is really known for their famous jazz brunch,” says Executive Chef Juan Carlos Gonzalez. “We tend to be a little more playful at SoBou. We try to do a version of that in our restaurant… but we add a little comedy to it, if you will.”

The three-course brunch menu consists of appetizers, entrées, and desserts. Although the menu changes every week and seasonally, it always features a dish called “Legs and Eggs,” with a variation of eggs and a “leg” component like soft-shell crab or bourbon-braised pork shank. Other mainstays include steak and eggs and seasonal pancakes, as well as Buttermilk Biscuit Donuts with Smoky Bacon and Cream Cheese Frosting. What’s more, SoBou concocts a special SoBou-zy Brunch Hooch Punch each week, which is served in an oversized flask for the whole table.

“It’s cool because it’s very dramatic,” says Juan Carlos. “You come in, and you see this woman dancing, you see the band members playing some cool music, and people drinking out of these big ole flasks, and you’re like, ‘What’s going on in that restaurant?’ That’s what makes us special.”


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