6 of Louisiana’s Best Brunch Spots


For a casual, one-of-a-kind brunch experience, there’s no place like Slim Goodies Diner, a Garden District restaurant that serves up breakfast and lunch items with a distinctly New Orleans twist.

“It’s American Creole breakfast, basically,” says co-owner Deborah Schumacher. “There’s a whole lot on the menu that came from the creation of being in the South, including things like crawfish étouffée.”

Customer favorites include dishes like the Guatemalan, which includes freshly made salsa with eggs, black beans, fresh avocado, plantains, and tortillas, and the Creole Slammer, which comes with hash browns and eggs topped with crawfish étouffée and served with a biscuit. In addition to their down-home menu, Slim Goodies also offers freshly brewed local coffee, house-made chai, and milkshakes.

One of the diner’s popular dishes, the Re-POPulation Combo, came about in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Just 10 days after the storm, Slim Goodies reopened and offered a limited menu.

“It was just eggs, hash browns, bacon and toast. It just depended on what day you were coming in as to what you got,” Deborah says. “It happened again for Rita. It happened again for Isaac. Every time something happens, our motto is: We don’t leave. We just stay and we reopen. I think it’s the best way to kind of join the city back together.”


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