7 Icy Cocktails We’ll Be Drinking All Summer Long

These icy drink recipes are here to satisfy all of your summer cocktail needs. 

deadbeat daiquiri
Deadbeat Daiquiri

This Deadbeat Daiquiri begs to be enjoyed poolside.

Nuevo Tango

The Nuevo Tango is the stuff our summer cocktail dreams are made of. 

Georgia O'Keeffe Daiquiri
Georgia O’Keeffe Daiquiri

This Georgia O’Keeffe Daiquiri belongs on your summer bucket list.

Willa Jean’s Frosé Y’all
Willa Jean’s Frosé Y’all

You’ll want to make this frosé by the gallon.

frozen negroni
Henri’s Frozen Negroni

This Frozen Negroni is the perfect treat to cool off your summer.

Rubin “The Hurricane” Carter
Rubin “The Hurricane” Carter

The Sweet Tea Simple Syrup really makes this icy Hurricane cocktail. 

Palace Café’s Hemingway Cocktail

This Hemingway Cocktail from Palace Café is a classic!


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