7 of Louisiana’s Best Muffulettas


One of the most popular New Orleans muffulettas is served at Cochon Butcher, the artisan sandwich counter and butcher shop offshoot of Cochon restaurant in the Warehouse District. The Cochon Muffuletta is made with the traditional meats found on most muffulettas—salami, ham, and mortadella—but one of the hallmarks of this sandwich is that all of the meats are made in house.

“We make our own mortadella and poach it. Our capicola is seasoned and cured for seven days, and we ferment our salami and then dry and hang it for 90 days. All those meats are meat that you can’t get anywhere else,” says Chef-Owner Stephen Stryjewski.

Those meats are topped with provolone cheese and house-made olive salad atop a smaller version of the traditional muffuletta loaf before being heated in an oven. On the decision to serve the muffuletta hot, Stephen says, “I just like the way the flavors all kind of come together when you heat it up. The salami and the capicola get a little bit more tangy and funky, and the warm olive salad has a different appeal and a different flavor.”


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