7 of Louisiana’s Best Muffulettas


The oldest family-owned restaurant in Shreveport is also one of the best places to find a muffuletta-style sandwich in north Louisiana. Fertitta’s Delicatessen first opened in 1927 as the Crystal Grocery and transitioned into a deli in 1960, where Sam “PaPa” Fertitta created the now-famous “Muffy,” his take on the muffuletta.

“We were the first business in Shreveport to introduce this type of sandwich,” says current owner Agatha Fertitta-McCall.

Fertitta’s, which is now on the National Registry of Historic Places, makes the Muffy with muffuletta bread from Joe Gambino’s Bakery in Metairie, but similarities to the traditional muffuletta end there. Instead of Italian cold cuts, Fertitta’s uses cotto salami and Danish spiced ham; rather than provolone and Swiss cheeses, the sandwich has mozzarella. Additionally, the Muffy is topped with PaPa Fertitta’s olive salad mix, which is more finely chopped than that of a traditional muffuletta. The sandwich is slathered with yellow mustard and run through a toaster to heat it before being sliced in half.

In addition to the Original Muffy, Fertitta’s also offers vegetarian and turkey versions, as well as a menu of other sandwiches, personal pizzas, and salads.


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