8 of Louisiana’s Best Coffee Shops


In the spring of 2012, Geoffrey Meeker began selling French Truck Coffee that he was roasting in small batches in his family’s laundry room. Within six months, he began to worry that the weight of the beans might cause structural damage to his house.

Now, French Truck has grown into three sleek, colorful retail stores in New Orleans, two in Memphis, Tennessee, and one in Mid-City Baton Rouge. Geoffrey grew to love coffee while he was a chef in New Orleans, and wanted to bring the same attention to detail and conscientious sourcing to that craft.

“We’ve created several relationships with several farmers where we are buying their crop year after year,” Geoffrey says. “That way, they can make improvements on the farm, which includes things as basic as making sure the children of the pickers are being educated and have access to first aid.”

The coffee menu concentrates on espresso and pour-over, but French Truck is also rightly known for its cold brew concentrate, which is a chicory blend. The French Quarter and Lower Garden District locations offer locally made pastries from Gracious, but the Uptown Dryades Street café offers a more extensive menu with breakfast items, sandwiches, and quiches.


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