8 of Louisiana’s Best Coffee Shops


When Andrew Crawford of Rhino Coffee moved back to his hometown of Shreveport, he was surprised to learn that there were no cozy, locally owned coffee shops. The coffee-loving web developer soon found a charming old house in the city’s Uptown neighborhood, and began transforming it into a warm and welcoming community hub.

“We opened Rhino five years ago with the idea of serving good coffee and creating an atmosphere where people could come together, have meetings, chat, and feel welcome,” says Andrew.

In that time, the business has expanded to a point where Andrew runs a sleek, industrial Downtown Shreveport location, a roastery, and a kiosk in a Bossier City tech-industry building.

In addition to espresso and pour-over, some of the specialties at Rhino include the Iced Lightning (an energizing mix of cold brew, espresso, and drip coffee) and the Eastside Latte (mocha with vanilla and cinnamon). Rhino aficionados will find Rhino coffee service at a few local restaurants as well, including Wine Country Bistro, Parish Taceaux, and Well+Fed.


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