8 of Louisiana’s Best Coffee Shops


For serious coffee drinkers, the sleek, modernist Revelator Coffee Company outpost in the Warehouse District on Tchoupitoulas Street is heaven. The company, which started in New Orleans and has quickly spread around the country, prides itself on serving small-batch coffees at the height of their flavor.

When guests place their first order at the Revelator bar, they may be surprised by the ordering system. Rather than selling “lattes” or “cappuccinos,” the barista will ask how many ounces of espresso you’d like and what size cup. This ratio-based technique helps customers know exactly how much espresso they’ll receive and how much milk. Thankfully, friendly and knowledgeable baristas are always happy to lead customers through the process and make suggestions.

In addition to whole beans, pastries, and a carefully curated selection of local wellness products, Revelator is also selling a canned, lightly carbonated cold brew coffee. These cold brew fizzes come in lemon, lime, cherry, and tangerine flavors, and are not to be missed.


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