8 of Louisiana’s Best Coffee Shops


While some are drawn to coffee for its flavors and others for its lively jolt, still others are motivated by memories. The tradition of drinking coffee as a boy with his father encouraged Nathanael Johnson to launch a small coffee shop in his hometown of Eunice to share that passion with his neighbors. He then expanded to open Rêve Coffee Roasters in Downtown Lafayette.

Nathanael dove headfirst into the world of specialty coffee, traveling extensively throughout California and the Pacific Northwest. His experience cemented in him the feeling that coffee roasters and shops act as a bridge between the farmer and the customer.

“The beauty of coffee, and what makes it so intriguing, is that people from all walks of life can come together over a cup of coffee that has traveled all the way from farmers’ hands overseas,” says Nathanael.

Now with six locations around Acadiana, Nathanael focuses on offering both traditional and modern coffee drinks. Some of the most intriguing include the Bourboneaux (whiskey barrel–aged cold brew coffee with house-made pecan syrup and orange zest) and the Voodoo (sweetened chicory coffee with cinnamon, honey, and nutmeg).


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