A Creole Easter Lunch

Creole Easter Brunch Table

Gather your most colorful hydrangeas for a bright and festive outdoor Easter brunch. After about six weeks of Lenten fasting, bring out an herbaceous centerpiece of steaming grilled lamb chops.

As Easter falls at different points in the springtime, it often bridges some of Louisiana’s best culinary seasons. When we are lucky, the last of our citrus crop is making its way from South Louisiana groves, fresh berries abound, and Acadiana’s crawfish ponds are brimming with bright red mudbugs.

Take a deep breath and relish this time spent with your family on a gorgeous afternoon. Meals like this should be savored surrounded by the ones you love most.


  1. Ok, I definitely have to try some of these out for next year’s Easter. We had the usual ham, so maybe we can spice it up next year and convince the family to splurge on some lamb for these. Thanks for sharing!


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