Q & A with 2006 Chef to Watch Slade Rushing

What can you tell us about the history of Filet Stanley? This dish was created by Owen Brennan and Chef Paul Blangé. It was named after the character Stanley Kowalski from Tennessee Williams’ play A Streetcar Named Desire, who was portrayed by the great Marlon Brando in the Broadway play in 1949.

To you, what makes Filet Stanley an interesting and unique dish? The pairing of a filet of beef [and bananas] seems odd, but comes together nicely with help from French curry Vadouvan, horseradish yogurt, and Perigourdine Sauce.

Talk us through your thought process when you updated the recipe. [I added a] Vadouvan and Parmesan-panko crust on the banana, seared until crispy, to help add a deep savory element with texture to the banana. Porcini mushrooms give the dish a Cadillac approach compared to the button mushrooms [which the restaurant used in the past]. We also make a horseradish yogurt to add a little extra tang to the dish.

Photo by Randy P. Schmidt

How do the bananas interact with the dish? The sweet and savory flavor of the banana works surprisingly well. The crispy crunch of the banana along with its creamy center adds a nice textural contrast to the steak as well.

Photo by Randy P. Schmidt

How do you prepare the bananas? It’s just pan sautéed. We’re just caramelizing the Parmesan and the panko, and the Vadouvan spices are getting toasted. It’s got some herbs on there as well—a little bit of fresh parsley—and usually we get it searing and then we finish it in the oven and let it roast.


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