A Craft Brewery Walking Tour in Downtown Mobile, Alabama

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Mobile Craft Breweries

The South has seen a renaissance in craft beer brewing in recent years, and nowhere is the craft beer scene more alive than in Mobile, Alabama! With four craft breweries within walking distance, you can tour and taste to your heart’s content while also getting an up close and personal view of downtown Mobile’s unique architecture.

Mobile Craft BreweriesStart your day at the Braided River Brewing taproom. They keep a variety of beers on draft, with a focus on drinkable session ales as well as experimental beers. The brewery offers a few beers year-round: Hoppy By Nature, Hang Loose, and Beer Here Now. Hoppy by Nature, the brewery’s take on an IPA, is built for the Gulf Coast. It’s loaded with tropical, fruity flavors complemented by a well-balanced bitterness. Notes of mango, pineapple, and grapefruit add refreshment that helps beat the heat. Hang Loose combines hazy beer and pale ale to create the perfect beer for kicking back. It’s full of hops to create the flavor of freshly juiced orange, grapefruit, and mango yet dialed back on bitterness for a juicy, pillowy-soft mouthfeel. Beer Here Now, a German-style ale, is big on classic malt and hop character and low on carbs and calories. Crisp, clean, and easy drinking, it’s an anytime, anyplace type of beer.

Mobile Craft BreweriesNestled in downtown’s De Tonti Square Historic District, you’ll find Iron Hand Brewing, named for Henri de Tonti, an 18th-century Italian resident who lost his hand in an explosion and was forced to wear a metal prosthetic. The brewery was started by married couple Ben Ross and Rebecca Williams with plans to roll out five brews of its own and always features a rotating guest brew. The traditional pub fare is made in-house and spotlights British, German, and American dishes.

Mobile Craft BreweriesOld Majestic Brewing Company was formed to bring a beer-drinking “experience” to the Mobile Bay area. The brews are crafted with select hops and taste patterns to encourage consumers to enjoy the finer-quality beers offered. The name “Old Majestic” was inspired by Mobile’s beautiful oak trees. The brewery offers a large variety of beers, from ales to stouts to IPAs.

Mobile Craft BreweriesThe idea for what would one day become Oyster City Brewing began with a few friends making home-brew in their backyards. With a strong desire to improve with each batch, they eventually got so good that they opened a brewery. The owners continue to approach each batch with a perfectionist spirit. Their flagship beers include Hooter Brown, a brown ale, Mangrove, a pale ale, and Tates Helles, a German-style lager. The brewery also makes an IPA and a blonde ale.


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