Delicious Ways to Use Blue Plate Mayo This Summer

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Blue Plate Mayo has been a beloved New Orleans staple for nearly a century. Since 1927, Blue Plate has made its mayonnaise from a simple recipe of oil, vinegar, and egg yolks. It adds rich flavor and creamy texture to all kinds of dishes. We’ve rounded up a few of the best recipes using Blue Plate Mayo to make this summer the tastiest yet.


Classic Shrimp Rémoulade

In this recipe, the rémoulade starts with a mayonnaise base that’s kicked up with lemon juice, cayenne pepper, Creole mustard, and horseradish.


Crabmeat-Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers

Served with a spicy mayonnaise sauce, these crispy jalapeño poppers are the ultimate summer appetizer.



Creole Tomato and Bacon Sandwiches

A garlicky mayonnaise and fresh Creole tomatoes take the classic BLT to new heights!




Buttermilk Cucumber Salad

By marinating seedless cucumber slices in a creamy concoction of crème fraîche, buttermilk, and mayonnaise, you’ll end up with one of the best side dishes you’ll taste all summer.


Shrimp and Crawfish Roll

Filled with shrimp and crawfish tossed in mayonnaise, lemon juice, and Cajun seasoning, these yummy sandwiches make great boat food.




New Orleans Style Debris Poboy

This classic New Orleans sandwich is a local favorite and best when dressed the traditional way with lettuce, tomato and Blue Plate Mayonnaise.



Gulf Coast Shrimp Dip

Summer is a wonderful time to cook with Louisiana shrimp. Made with Blue Plate Mayonnaise, this simple shrimp dip is sure to delight the entire family.


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