Finding a Snoball in New Orleans is Now Easier Than Ever

Hello, New Orleans! Snoball season has arrived. If you’re like us, then you are constantly craving summertime’s perfect cooldown treat.

Recently, we added a new goal to our bucket list to make things more interesting: Try a snoball from every stand in the Crescent City. But with a snoball stand in nearly every neighborhood, sampling one from each location is no easy feat.

Decision-making may quickly become dicey when you consider who will be meeting you or how long you are willing to wait in line for a specific flavor. You may even find yourself short on time and simply needing a snoball from whichever stand is nearest to you. Plus, we’ve been known to pick a favorite or two, returning to some places time and again.

However, a new tool from Peter Mayer Advertising may help us cross this off our bucket list quicker than we imagined—and perhaps without brain freezes.

To celebrate 50 great years of business, the agency developed New Orleans Snoball Finder in honor of their founder and namesake, who loved New Orleans and especially New Orleans snoballs. Within the free app—available on iPhone and Android—you’ll find all the information needed to find a snoball best suited to fulfill your craving.

Upon downloading New Orleans Snoball Finder, you are greeted by the visage of the late Peter Mayer himself, asking a few questions to help you get started. All this is accomplished with a throwback style, reminiscent of vintage arcade games with its bright, colorful graphics given an intentionally pixelated effect.

Once you’ve answered Peter’s questions, a map of the city is revealed with each partnering snoball stand marked by a pin—and the search begins. Tap any pin for more information or opt to view a rolling list of every stand in alphabetical order. The address of each stand is provided along with the distance from your current location as well as the business’s operating hours. The app even provides directions to the stand of your choosing, plus the stand’s full menu.

But if you prefer to search by flavor availability, choose the flavor tab at the bottom of the screen and begin filtering results based on standard offerings, all-natural flavors, creams, and diet or sugar-free choices. For the accident-prone, results can even be filtered to show snoball stands that offer clear syrups.

Now, which snoball stand will you visit first?

Thank you, Peter Mayer Advertising, and enjoy your 50th anniversary.


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