New Orleans Jazz Fest: Best Festival Food

CrabPoBoy1458MJThankfully, since Jazz Fest falls inside crawfish season, some of the best festival food dishes include the Bayou State’s iconic mudbug. Boiled, fried, in cheesy crawfish bread, etouffes, and po’ boys, you’ll find them just about any way they come. The iconic Crawfish Monica—a creamy, spiced pasta dish—from Kajun Kettle Foods is one of the most sought-after dishes at the festival.

In the face of all of Jazz Fest’s delicious options, remember moderation, and even more importantly, hydration. If you don’t get to try Prejean’s pheasant gumbo or Love at First Bite’s cochon de lait po’boy, you have another great reason to come again next year.

What are some of your Jazz Fest favorites?


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