LA Seafood Featured Recipes


LA Seafood Recipes

There’s no denying it: Louisiana has some of the best seafood in the world. Our nutrient-rich waters yield a premium product with unbeatable freshness, quality, and flavor. And no matter the season, there is always an abundance of fresh Louisiana seafood. In fact, the Bayou State generates more than 20 percent of the seafood landed in the United States every year, more than California and Virginia combined! The incredible variety provides practically limitless options for seafood lovers, and the health benefits that come from eating domestic seafood are an added bonus.

We got together with the Louisiana Seafood Board to create a convenient, printable list of recipes that showcases the very best of Louisiana seafood. We’ve handpicked 12 delicious recipes to satisfy your seafood craving. With recipes for oysters, shrimp, fish, crab, crawfish, and alligator, there’s something for everybody.


  1. Born in Ms., military daddy & landing in La., gives me a love of everything from the area. I can’t wait to try new recipes. !


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