Sweet Potato and Tasso Soup

This Sweet Potato and Tasso Soup is a savory treat on chilly evenings.

Sweet Potato and Tasso Soup
Serves 10
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  1. ¼ cup butter
  2. 1 cup chopped onion
  3. ½ cup chopped celery
  4. ½ cup chopped green bell pepper
  5. ⅓ cup all-purpose flour
  6. 8 cups chicken broth
  7. 4½ cups peeled and chopped sweet potato
  8. ½ pound tasso ham, cut into ½-inch cubes
  9. ⅛ teaspoon ground cinnamon
  10. ⅛ teaspoon ground nutmeg
  11. ½ cup chopped parsley, plus more for garnish
  12. 1 cup heavy whipping cream
  13. Salt
  14. Ground black pepper
  1. In a large Dutch oven, melt butter over medium-high heat. Add onion, celery, and bell pepper, and cook until softened, about 7 minutes. Add flour, and cook 1 minute more, stirring constantly. Stir in chicken broth and sweet potato. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat, and simmer until sweet potato is tender, about 20 minutes.
  2. In the container of a blender, add sweet potato mixture in batches. Remove center part of blender lid to allow steam to escape; secure lid on blender. Place a clean towel over opening in lid to avoid spills. Process until soup is smooth; return to Dutch oven.
  3. Add tasso, cinnamon, nutmeg, and parsley. Bring soup to a simmer, and cook until thickened, about 20 minutes. Stir in cream, and season to taste with salt and pepper. Garnish with additional parsley, if desired.
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