The Ultimate New Orleans Bucket List Giveaway

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New Orleans Plantation Country | 866-204-7782

Conclude your trip by venturing out to a stretch of land tucked comfortably between New Orleans and Baton Rouge along the mighty Mississippi River. In New Orleans Plantation Country, culture is rooted in recipes passed down through generations, where the richness of a roux will tell the story of gumbos past and present. 

Andouille sausage and seafood staples satisfy the souls looking to connect with flavors of the region. Jambalaya cook-offs and festivals focusing on food are peppered throughout the calendar, giving anyone a chance to try a new dish or compete for the crown.

Taste your way through Creole kitchens to explore the local fare and celebrate the culinary treasures in the heart of Louisiana, or sip small-batch Kicking Mule Handcrafted Rum made from locally sourced sugarcane at River Road Distillery in rural Paulina, Louisiana. 

Unwind while meandering beneath the live oaks of one of 10 historic plantations or the myriad of churches and cemeteries. You’re free to take the time to make your own memories with the distinct blend of the spices of life found only in New Orleans Plantation Country. 

A stop in New Orleans Plantation Country is the perfect opportunity to extend your trip into an overnight retreat. The area has a plethora of Creole cottages, antique-filled plantations, and campgrounds with breathtaking views ideal for resting your head—and feet—after you check everything off your bucket list.




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