6 of Louisiana’s Best Brunch Spots

Photo courtesy of Lucie Monk Carter


Dining out is quite the event in Louisiana, and even more so when the weekend rolls around. Saturday and Sunday mean it’s time for brunch, that decadent meal we enjoy after sleeping in and lingering for hours with Champagne and Bloody Marys. No matter which corner of the state you’re in, there are amazing restaurants hosting epic weekend meals.

It’s no surprise that brunch is such a beloved tradition in the Bayou State. While food historians will debate it, the meal was said to have been invented in 19th-century New Orleans by Madame Bégué, who offered a late (11 a.m.) or second breakfast at her family restaurant. In the century and a half since, eateries all across the state have perfected brunch with too-good-to-pass-up drink specials, lively music from local bands, and, of course, indulgent food.

The highlight of brunch in Louisiana is first and foremost the food, which can be as simple as a classic breakfast with eggs and bacon or as fanciful as open-faced biscuits smothered with New Orleans-style roast beef. The best brunches are unhurried, with good drinks and good company. Atmosphere is just as important, whether it’s a jazz brunch at a classic New Orleans restaurant or a laid-back meal in Lafayette with Cajun music.

Here are six of our favorite spots for brunch that will make your weekends truly special. Each of these restaurants puts a unique spin on Louisiana’s favorite meal that makes for an unforgettable experience.


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