7 of Louisiana’s Best Muffulettas


Along the banks of the Atchafalaya River lies the small town of Melville, where Cannatella’s True Value opened in 1923. The grocery and general store, which is now the longest-standing business in the area, started selling muffulettas in the early 2000s, when fourth-generation co-owner Grant Cannatella installed a kitchen and developed his own muffuletta recipe in the style of Central Grocery in New Orleans.

“We bake the bread here at the store, which makes it unique, because hardly anybody does that anymore,” Grant says. “We also developed our own olive salad, which is the key ingredient for muffulettas.”

People come from all over to try the muffuletta, which is served at room temperature (or hot, by request) with the traditional Genoa salami, mortadella, ham, provolone, and Swiss. Both the top and bottom slices of the bread are layered with Grant’s special olive salad, made with green and black olives, giardiniera, freshly squeezed garlic, capers, and herbs.

In addition to their incredible muffulettas, Cannatella’s is also known for its house-made Italian sausage, which is made with an original recipe handed down from Grant’s Sicilian ancestors.


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