8 of Louisiana’s Best Oyster Dishes

In Louisiana, we consider ourselves fortunate to have such a rich bounty of fresh seafood available to us from the fertile waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Of the many species that call our waters home, oysters are some of the most adored mollusks in the state due to their accessibility, as well as a unique flavor and texture.

Gulf oysters taste different than those of Atlantic and Pacific origins. Whereas Atlantic oysters are often saltier and Pacific oysters are sweeter, Gulf oysters tend to have an earthy flavor and meaty texture, making them ideal for eating in a wide variety of ways.

Whether shucked and served on the half shell atop a bed of ice, broiled to perfection with cheese, garlic, and butter, or fried and stuffed into a po’ boy, there are endless ways to enjoy Louisiana oysters. While Bayou State waters consistently produce a bounty of the precious bivalves throughout the year, the cooler months are the peak time to enjoy them in all their glory.

In celebration of one the state’s most cherished aquacultural gems, we’ve rounded up the best and most creative oyster dishes throughout the state. Here are some of our favorite spots to satisfy our oyster cravings.


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