Cajun and Creole Recipes to Make with Kids

At this time, many families are quarantined at home for the foreseeable future. If you’re looking for a fun activity to entertain your kids or grandkids, cooking or baking together is a great option! Making a meal together will help teach them valuable kitchen skills and is a nice way to spend an afternoon.

Mini Muffulettas

Mini muffulettas are a staple at gatherings in south Louisiana. Let the kids stack the meats and cheese before popping them in the oven for a delicious snack. 


Crawfish Bread Bites

Kids can help assemble these tasty treats by adding the crawfish spread. 


Skillet Pecan and Chocolate Blondies

Let kids mix up the ingredients for this indulgent treat. 



This Pastalaya will be a hit with budding chefs and seasoned eaters alike.



Kids and grown-ups alike will love these Craw-dogs.







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