Get Dinner on The Table Fast with Five New Camellia Brand Mixes

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The holiday season is upon us, and our already-packed weeknights are busier than ever! We’re always on the lookout for products that provide a quick and easy way to get the Cajun and Creole favorites we love on the dinner table fast, and we’re thrilled that Camellia Brand has introduced five brand new mixes that help to create easy, nutritious, and delicious main dishes every night of the week.

Simply add a few fresh ingredients, and simmer on the stove, or pop it in your slow cooker before you head out in the morning. All Camellia Brand mixes are made with 100 percent natural ingredients including spices and real vegetables.

Each mix also offers options to tailor your recipe to meet the needs of your family, make a dish creamier or thicker, or even to make vegan and vegetarian-friendly options. Available in five signature flavor profiles, each mix is versatile and suited for all culinary skill levels and dietary preferences. Pick up all five today on, at Rouses and other local grocery stores in South Louisiana. 

Creole Red Bean Seasoning Mix: For generations, families in New Orleans have gathered to enjoy classic Red Beans and Rice. Camellia Brand’s Creole Red Bean Seasoning is a delicious blend of traditional New Orleans spices and seasoning vegetables. Just add beans for an easy one-pot meal. Meat may be added, too, if desired.

Cajun White Bean Seasoning Mix: White Beans and Rice is a traditional South Louisiana meal. Use this delicious blend of authentic New Orleans spices and seasoning vegetables for an easy one-pot meal. Just add beans and meat, if desired.

Jambalaya Cajun Seasoning Mix: For centuries, families in Louisiana have enjoyed world-famous Cajun Jambalaya. Just add meat or seafood to this authentic long-grain rice and seasoning mix to make a hearty, delicious one-pot meal.

Gumbo Cajun Roux Base: South Louisiana is famous worldwide for its gumbo. This delicious gumbo roux base is rich with authentic New Orleans gumbo spices and seasoning vegetables. Just add meat or seafood for a soul-warming one-pot meal.

Dirty Rice Cajun Seasoning Mix: Cajun Dirty Rice is a hearty staple of Cajun cooking. Just add ground beef to this long-grain rice and authentic Cajun seasoning mix for a delicious one-pot meal.


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